IWR  – International Work & Recruitment

IWR SRL is a company which deals with recruitment and staff placement for our partners and clients, providing access to all existing jobs in the world.

Our work takes place in the field of human resources, including personnel recruitment, consultancy, executive search, personnel leasing and staff training.

The staff of our company is a young, dynamic and especially passionate about this area, which makes us believe that we are always open to new ideas and we are ready to use the most creative solutions if you encounter problems.

The company’s concept is to offer the opportunity to work in different areas to interested people looking for a job, including people who do not have the necessary experience.

Our applicants will have the opportunity to engage in various fields such as medical, industrial, commercial, hotel, transport, communications, agriculture, IT, construction, education and much more.

We propose that in the shortest possible time from taking candidates to our company’s records, we offer them a job according to their specialization and acquired knowledge.

IWR owns the accreditation license issued by the Ministry of Labor and is an independent company with 100% Romanian capital.

We are proud to say that we are a reliable and correct partner for many companies. We believe in long-term partnerships and we know that a professional and quality service is needed to satisfy both our clients and the persons we recruit.

The way we started, compels us to treat with respect and fairness both partners and recruited personnel.


What is recruitment?

Recruitment is a search and attraction activity in organizations of a group of people capable and interested in occupying the vacant positions, a selected group from which the ideal candidates can be selected and who fit for these positions.


What can IWR offer you?

Being a recruitment agency with qualified and experienced staff, we offer services at the highest standard in human resources, personnel management, psychological assessment, thus creating a benefit for both candidates and employers.

With our help, you can find the job you want, because we provide a wide range of areas from which the candidate can choose what suits him/her best, according to the qualifications and experience gained.


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