Recruitment, selection and abroad placement for employers

Choosing to collaborate with IWR involves signing a contract on which contract terms are agreed.

These were consisting of:

  • duration of contract
  • the obligations of IWR and the business partner comply with the labor law in force
  • confidentiality, tariffs and working methods agreed by both parties

The duration of a contract may vary from case to case, taking into account several aspects, implicitly negotiation between the contracting parties. In the normal course of the project, you will receive a written report on the candidates who meet your requirements as soon as possible.

The advantages of the recruitment activity in collaboration with IWR are:

  • the exact profile of the candidate, the job description and the employment conditions in accordance with the Romanian/Community legislation in force
  • establishing contacts with people who meet customer requirements
  • conducting interviews and psychological tests (psychological tests are carried out only at the employer’s request)
  • CV analysis, personality tests, and assembled references
  • candidates’ recommendation – short list
  • organizing interviews, if the employer wants to use a way to interview candidates before making the decision to employ them (face-to-face if there is a possibility, by phone, video call, etc.)
  • supporting the choice of the most suitable candidate or candidate according to the needs and the field of the employer
  • helping the client and providing the necessary documents for the conclusion of the individual employment agreement

The recruitment criteria are established in collaboration with clients and are mainly focused on the professional skills, experience, and potential development of the candidate.

The duration of the recruitment process is set according to the needs of the employer, starts from the moment of signing the service contract and ends when the candidates are placed abroad.

The recruitment process will be started only after receiving the firm offer of the job/jobs.

The firm offer must be signed and stamped by the customer and must contain the following elements:

  • the duration of the work period to be performed abroad
  • the currency in which salary rights will be paid, as well as payment methods
  • cash and/or cash benefits related to the activity abroad
  • climate conditions
  • the main regulations in the labor law of that country

The selection is made according to the characteristics of the position, as well as the requirements of the client, according to a specific methodology. Among the activities of the selection process we mention:

  • Interviewing and administering candidates’ tests, including candidate evaluation
  • Presentation of candidates
  • Presentation of candidates’ profiles – short list
  • Following their integration into the organization

The evaluation of the candidates consists in the evaluation of professional competences depending on the job and involves the application of specific instruments such as:

  • Professional questionnaires
  • General and specific tests and questionnaires
  • Assessment of psycho-individual competencies
  • Each candidate will have a profile of his/her personality highlighting especially the characteristics necessary for the job
  • Assessing the capacities of adapting and integrating the candidate into organizational structure and culture

OBS – The finality of the recruitment process, valid in both cases: both for recruiting in Romania and for recruiting abroad.

Confidentiality and exclusivity

Professional relationship with clients is based on confidentiality and mutual trust. After signing an agreement, the client undertakes not to hire another consulting firm to recruit staff on the same job and not to use a direct recruitment strategy.

Staff leasing – Temporary work

IWR acts as an authorized staff leasing/temporary workforce company.

Staff leasing is used frequently:

  • for seasonal employment such as those in tourism or construction
  • engaging in a project
  • when the company has restrictions on hiring, but at the same time it needs to develop new projects and hire new people in the team.

Staff leasing is the best solution that can be purchased as a service and does not imply the existence of employees in the company’s documents

  • when you want to avoid problems related to staff management and legal responsibilities
  • when you enter a new market and you are not 100% sure about the success of a new idea or business

The staff leasing solution allows you to have a limited risk at the start of your business and allows you to personally engage when you feel the business is safe.

IWR recruits and employs the people you need, and can place them in your company on the required positions.

We become responsible for everything that involves legal issues, acts, administration and employee payment processes, and we ensure that they are replaced if needed.

At the same time, we become responsible for paying the taxes for each employee.

Benefits of using staff leasing/temporary work services

  • Decrease of locked resources and decrease of personnel recruitment expenses
  • The Temporary Service Provider is being responsible for the administrative tasks
  • Outsourcing salaries, the annual tax and employee insurance report


Terms of collaboration with IWR
  • Signing the Standard Collaboration Contract for Temporary Work and Client Order
  • Concluding the work contract with the selected candidate
  • Calculation and monthly payment – the invoice includes the employee’s gross salary and mandatory contributions to social funds, insurance companies and any other employee-related expenses paid by the employer
Staff Headhunting

Headhunting means selling a career opportunity. Headhunting is a technique of recruiting a person through a direct, targeted search.


People with a particular position, experience or solid career are targeted, and those have achieved remarkable results in a particular field.


It is a really laborious technique, based on a prior research that leads to the identification of the person or persons corresponding to the job requirements, followed by a long series of procedures, from the direct approach of the persons concerned to their motivation for the position.


Currently, this type of auto market is growing, which business people hope not only to maintain, but also to increase it through the opportunities offered by the favorable conjuncture of the area and the time we are in.

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