Are you looking for a job? Do you want to evolve towards a better job? Submit your CV for the best jobs. IWR helps you find a job, thus becoming a partner in the consolidation that you want for your career.

IWR has job offers in various fields of activity and we are constantly selecting from the international and local-national labor market, the really attractive jobs!

Promote yourself with the support of professionals in a confidential environment, benefitting from the right deals.

IWR helps you to discover your areas of interest, identifying with you the professions that suit you, providing you with information on labor market trends and proposing career opportunities specific to your profile.

After submitting your CV, our counselors are looking for a job in the field that you are interested in. In order to prove your availability, please renew your application every 3 months so that we know if you are interested in a position. The CV registered in our database is valid for 3 months, at the expiration date is being automatically removed from our database.

Advices regarding the CV:
  • Use an easy to read font.
  • Ideally, the CV should be typed in Microsoft Word using common fonts (Times New Roman or Arial) and the font size must be between 11 and 12
  • The CV must contain a simple language and a clear structure


Advices regarding the cover letter:
  • Indicate why do you think you are suitable for this job
  • Try as much as possible to build your content around your motivation to get the job
  • Try to connect your motivation to get the job with the added value that you bring to the company
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